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Fresh lease of life


the night has fallen
fallen to the ways of the evil
evil that our ancestors embraced
embraced by our fathers and mothers
everyone lost hope
everyone lost the courage to fight
for the land that was ours one day
sunny days and cool nights
replaced by
darker days and darker nights
with no one to lead
no one to inspire
we all fell victims to the night
more i hear
more i want to win
and more i want to regain our land
so one day
in the twilight
that falls every eon (and when the warriors of night are weakened)
we ventured out
seeking to bring
the light to fill our lives
we started slowly
piece by piece
one by one
to bring back
the light
for a fresh lease of life…

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1 comment

Ivan February 27, 2008 - 4:40 pm

This Poem Is Like Life After And During 9/11/01 We Need To Remember To Not Live Life like It Never Happened We Need To Remember Those Who Were Killed By Evil.


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