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At your mercy!


as the darkness lingered on
and the light filtered in from above,
i woke up to a brand new day
intent of breaking the barriers;

all along i had built a brick wall
to protect me from the rush of madness
a wall so strong and so comfortable
it broke into pieces when you came around;

broken into pieces and
afraid that i might stumble and fall
in the rubble infront of me
i erected a little fence;

to separate me from you,
i built a fence around my heart
and closed my eyes to the emotions
that have now laid siege!

a daily onslaught of emotions,
besieged by your thoughts,
as time passes on,
i realize the end is not far away
i see the darkness slipping away,
unable to put up a fight anymore
i give in to my emotions,
i surrender myself to you,
express my love and put myself (my life)
at your mercy!

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