here i am – happy and sad,
lonely and confused,
my life’s boring phase has just started,
i am almost there yet i am not even close;

as i put my face against the window,
sitting and watching the dark, pregnant clouds,
it feels as though the skies are shedding tears on me,
as the raindrops fall gently to the ground;

it’s funny how life goes,
up, up and up one day,
down, down and deep down the next,
like a roller coaster;

i often wish that life would treat me
with a little bit more respect, but here i am,
being tossed around like a
monkey in a circus;

as the raindrops turn into a downpour,
they seem to wash away my tears, my pain,
and drenching me from head to toe,
bringing a sense of optimism to a bruised and battered soul;

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Raindrops written by Praveen Kumar average rating 4.2/5 - 307 user ratings
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