Most Wanted Man!



seated in the cold bench
on a mid april evening
i watch the kids
rush home to escape the freezing cold

seated in this bench
with arms and legs
with eyes, nose and mouth
just like everyone else

kids – big and small
make me what i am
destroy me for what i am not
some decorate me
while some dis-robe me

seated in the cold bench
i feel lonely
when the kids leave
and darkness falls

but when shadows recede
and the light crawls its way back again
my spirits soar once again
when the kids rush towards me

its almost the end of winter
my days are numbered
and everyone will soon forget me
and i will melt into the land

come the time
come the hour
when darkness spreads its shodow
over the land
i will come back to life once again
i will be the most wanted man in this land!


note: multiple meanings might exist
Image courtesy: BBC

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