Where the Spirit Soars!

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sitting quietly in one corner of the room
i seem like a boring person
people come, people go
all look at me with the same stare

oh, look at him!
wasting his time doing nothing
what a boring person! some say
you should be active and outgoing! say others

listening patiently to everyone
i give them all a wry smile
and continue sitting quietly in the corner

opening up to only those i believe
shutting myself to the rest
i keep a lookout for the one

i keep a lookout for the one
to set me free
from this human prison
i find myself in

i find myself
day after day
watching the horizon
for the one to appear

i think i see the one
getup from my corner
make my way closer
only to find the one receding further away from me

like a lizard in the ceiling
patiently waiting for the fly to come near
i patiently wait in the corner
for the one to come near me

with my energy sapped away
from the previous search
i sit down
seeking solace and refuge
in the dark corner

to the human eye,
in the dark corner
i sit down
wasting time
in the eye of the beholder
i am searching to find the place
Where The Spirit Soars
And the heart finds a home!



The Image used above is the official movie poster for “The Spirit“. I hold no copyright to it.

Some lines do have multiple meanings.

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