Fear of the Unknown

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Getting up from my corner

i embark on my pink beauty

listen to my favorite music

keep driving

smiling at the kids

on the way

enjoying the pleasure

of riding alone

with the soulful breeze

flowing through my hair

gently brushing my face

i drive towards home

a pleasure ride!


I get an eerie feel

i look back

only in time

to see the darkness

unfold and chase me

this dark feeling

always chases me

wherever I go

no matter whatever I do

I can’t get it

out of my mind


I ride on

and it rides with me

slowly overtaking me

and penetrates me –

all the while whispering

strange words into my ears

i get that fear – a fear of this unknown

fear of losing my grip

fear of losing myself to it

i ride faster and faster

to reach home

before it grasps me

and takes me over completely!


But this darkness

shrewd as it is

outdoes me

and spreads before my eyes

blanking out the lights

and the blaring honks

until I see nothing but darkness

and silence folds in

with no music

to my ears

i give in to this darkness

i give in to this silence

without putting up a fight

i surrender myself! 



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