Love or Infatuation?

i was told it was love,
a madness i was not willing to be drawn into,
but the symptons said something else,
i was told it was only love;Love or Infatuation

my legs felt wobbly when she came near,
i used to gaze at the ceiling,
thinking all day of the times that i could spend with her,
thinking within me;

i lost myself around her,
i lost track of time, sense and everything else,
including courage (to tell her)
when she was near;

and there i was with a valentine’s day card
clutched in my hand to make my love public,
tell her i loved her and wanted to spend my life with her,
and there i was ready to jump into madness;

madness it was,
from the moment i gave her the card,
i knew it;

she was the darling of all,
and i was the outcast,
a story fit for a movie,
but this is life;

now as i think about it,
i wonder was it love?
or was it just infatuation?
i do not know, now!


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