Lonely Emotions

as the night goes by,
i sit here, infront of the computer,
sleepless, disturbed and staring into a blackhole;A New Day

mumbling and thinking something,
wondering why, wondering how,
is life meant to be so confusing?

wishing for something,
that will shine a light at the darkness,
i stumble through this world;

(lost) somewhere in the middle,
thoughts echoing through a silent night,
wandering aimlessly, trying to find a meaning;

emotions that nobody can see,
emotions that nobody can feel,
emotions shipwrecked within;

as my heart screams for mercy,
my mind struggles to find a solution,
alone and wishing for something,
is it possible to wipe the slate clean and start afresh?

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  1. Adeife Adebiyi
  2. erica maples
  3. erica maples