I’ll Never Ever Trust Again

You know exactly how I feel about others
You know that I’m reluctant to trust people,
Coz I fear them cheat me

You know I expect 100% trustworthiness from the person that I trust.
You knew each and everything about me,
Because I trust you, and you asked me to trust you.

You are a person who always likes to stay happily
Your happiness is different from my happiness
I have seen many things you do,
Why you do those because that brings you happiness
You wont do anything to bring sorrow..!

Your little happy moments brought me pain and sorrow.
But I need to bare that because you are happy
I never spoke about it,
I never let you know that I know everything that you do.
I never put restrictions,
I never command you,
I never gave any orders.
I let you to live the way you like
Coz everyone likes to live in his or her own style

I stayed by your side everyday,
I came with you everyday to your doorstep to make you feel safe and cared
I have no words to say that I love you everyday,
As you do always
But one thing that I can assure, that is I’m not lying.

From the very first meeting I started to suffer
I bared every pain, even though I knew that I have been cheated
Each an every time that you cheat me,
I thought, Oh this may be the last time that she is cheating me
But my count is endless

You stole me happiness, peaceful mind, my dreams, my hopes, my sleep. etc
You may be sleeping nicely every night
I do the opposite of that every time

Do you know how would a person feel
If he knows that his very trustworthy person has cheated him
Do anyone treat you lovingly when they know you have been cheated them
Do anyone keep trust you
Does anyone can trust them again

I have lost my sleep,
Coz since the morning till the night what I experience is cheating,
I suddenly wake up at night with fear
And I cannot remember how many days I slept peacefully since I met you
Morning to night how many lies that you tell me
I believe every your words, coz I love you

How can I think you are lying me
Coz you are the one and only one
Who knows my every secret, the only one whom that I trust
How can I believe that one and only my trustworthy person is lying
If this is so how can I ever believe another
I’ll never ever trust a person again

Writen and contributed by Sithira

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