How i forgot to enjoy a nice, sunny afternoon

Hot Chennai Afternoon
sitting in the comfort of my home
air conditioner at full blast
with the tv remote in hand
i lazily flip through the channels

one glance through the window
the street is empty
no dogs, no cows
not even the pesky little crows

rush back inside and grab the remote
flip through once again
stopping only at the news channels
quickly scanning the screen for anything

no mention of anything

quickly switch on the pc
type in the news channel websites
another scan through the pages
still nothing

my blood pressure at an all time high
sweating profusely at this unexplained phenomenon
i grab the towel and
grab a bottle of water from the fridge
rush back to the window once again

a minute had passed
another minute and it felt like an hour had gone past
but still nothing

head down
anxiety and worry written all over
i head back inside
switch off the tv and the comp
close my eyes and try to sleep

a distant sound of the msg tone
lazily woke me up from this “sudden” slumber
a look at the clock
and i had slept for more than 6 hrs
(without wanting to)

a quick peek from the window once again
darkness had fallen over the land
washing my face with some cold water
i attempt to unravel the mystery i was part of

munching a box of popcorn
halfway through the book
i realized my folly

sitting in the comfort of my home
worrying about people
who doesnt even care what i feel
worrying about things – inanimate (without feelings)
i forgot to enjoy a nice sunny afternoon


image courtesy: flickr.
inspired by childhood events. As a child, we start worrying about a lot of things that do not concern us. It could be anything from the dog that got hit by a bicyle to the person who tripped and fell down – they wouldnt care that we are worrying about them, but still we fret and worry about them a lot.
This one has multiple meanings 🙂
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