How am i supposed to live

Red Rose

i could hardly believe it
when i heard what you said
i couldnt wait till the evening
to hear it straight from you

tell me what do i do
now that the things which i only dreamt of
are going to come true
tell what do i do

evening now looks so far away
time has slowed down to a crawl
in one single moment
my life has changed

living life as it came
i had only dreams
i had only dreams
of you and me together

my bravery had gone into hiding
when it came to telling you
what my heart has been shouting
silently since i met you

all my dreams
all that i had hoped for
is just a single spark away
either it could fizzle out
or burst into a spectacular fireworks display

tell me,
how am i supposed to live
what am i supposed to do
till you come near

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