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Madness of Life

the moon and stars shine brightly in the night sky, as the gentle breeze blows in the dark night, the leaves gently dance to the beat of the breeze, as i lay on my backside, unable to sleep; my thoughts drift in and out of my subconscious, in the land of kings and queens, in the

Breaking Down (Into the Darkness)

Long ago i built these fences around me, to protect my soul from the vagaries of life, to hide from the wretched world that we call home, to let me be myself; i guess i got lost, somewhere along the way, because i stopped to fortify these fences, as i assumed i could never get hurt (after-all these years);


i lie here, exhausted and tired, chasing one dream after another, over here and over there; i sit quietly, alone in this room, with a smile to hide the demons inside me, trying to take control and trying to break the silence and the smile from within; one by one, i push them all away and

Waiting for the Sun

Sitting in the dark of the night, in the midst of loneliness, reminiscing over memories of the days gone by; i used to frolic around, freely and without a worry, i used chase my dreams until the end; now every second of my life, is spent battling the demons, trying to shed and escape from the shackles


As the cold winds blow from the north, a shiver runs through my spine, searching for a way to get out, i stumble back and forth into life; One moment i am marching towards the light at the end of the tunnel, Another moment i am crawling my way through darkness, eyes searching for something and

Dream (Bird Without Wings)

as the light slowly faded and the dark night engulfed the land, i sit here, hand in chin, wondering, confused, deep in thought about what it was and what might be; as the trees swayed to the gentle lullaby of the night, sleep was the last thing on my mind, restless mind and sombre thoughts

Why Me?

I am exhausted walking on life’s highway, trying to keep pace in this frantic journey i take 10 steps forward only to be dragged 20 steps backwards, by invisible hands that come out of nowhere. tearing me apart from within, i struggle to find a meaning to all this, why me? why now? what did