Poems about Life

A collection of Short poems on life exploring the experiences, feelings and insights gained in Life including meaning of life, life's struggle, happiness and everything else that happens everyday.

New Year, New Beginnings? Its a brand new year for a brand new beginning, but as i rejoice, i find myself drawn into a deep, dark corner, far away from the happiness and joy that graces the occasion. A brand new beginning with new fears and new tears, a faceless enemy waiting for the
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Somewhere I Belong? lonely, confused and sad, it feels as if i was just a shadow of the day, in light i exist and in darkness, i am gone! what am i searching for? when i have nothing else to search for! surrounded by all sides, i try my best to survive, but
Posted on Tuesday October, 8th    (7) Comments    
The Curse far away in the distant horizon, the sun slowly starts to set and makes way for the dark, moonless night; the wind gently gathers pace and starts to howl, awakening the demons within and outside, rousing them from their day-long slumber; as i look in the mirror, the pain surges
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Stars in the Dark Alone i sit, reminiscing about the past, stuck in the present and wondering what the future has in store for me! i have been on this road before, many times, all alone and none to care for, but now things are different, things have changed; walking the line between sanity
Posted on Thursday May, 16th    (4) Comments    
White Flag i stare into this crazy world, waving a small white flag, hoping to find a truce to this madness, that is life; i wonder how can i be sane when my mind is constantly occupied by a barrage of things that life seems to be throwing at me, nonstop! i
Posted on Friday March, 1st    (1) Comment    
Lonely Emotions as the night goes by, i sit here, infront of the computer, sleepless, disturbed and staring into a blackhole; mumbling and thinking something, wondering why, wondering how, is life meant to be so confusing? wishing for something, that will shine a light at the darkness, i stumble through this world;
Posted on Thursday January, 3rd    (3) Comments    
Acceptance As i watched, a boy tripped and fell, many laughed, few got up to help, i remained emotionless; A girl, as beautiful as the moon, a girl who had all the boys running behind her, looked at me and smiled, i looked at her expressionless; as i watched the world
Posted on Wednesday December, 5th    (4) Comments    
Prisoner of Emotions Its all a bit of mystery, a time of happiness, a fear of the unknown, bobbling up and down in the sea of life; in a room full of emptiness, i am lost, searching for something, i do not know, searching for something, that is already within; confused, tensed, happy,
Posted on Friday November, 16th    (4) Comments    
Battle of Life for too many years, i watched as life tossed me here and there, up and down; i told myself, it is all a game, one minute i might seem to be a winner, and the next i might finish as the runner-up; spinning, turning, tumbling, tossed up in air, kicked
Posted on Saturday October, 20th    (1) Comment    
18th Avenue Pictures, pictures, f****** pictures, pictures of you at holidays, with your family, pictures of you at the shoreline, with your friends, pictures of vacations, in your car, pictures of your face; scattered like ashes everywhere around this country without me; You showed me all these pictures of you without me;
Posted on Sunday September, 23rd    (6) Comments    
Colors of Life It’s a rat race the whole thing this whole thing we call life; sometimes I laugh I lay down in the space, I call my room, close my eyes and see different colors explode under my eyelids; like fireworks each of them representing another thought another worry another something to
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Chasing Shadows I’m outside, sitting, sipping the cheapest beer I could buy thinking of things to write down different ways I can matter to feel important different women whom I’ve loved and made love to whom have left or phone me every now and again either way left. I’m outside sitting thinking
Posted on Tuesday August, 28th    (4) Comments    
Raindrops here i am – happy and sad, lonely and confused, my life’s boring phase has just started, i am almost there yet i am not even close; as i put my face against the window, sitting and watching the dark, pregnant clouds, it feels as though the skies are shedding
Posted on Friday August, 3rd    (7) Comments    
Survive Looking out of the window, as the sun slowly hides beneath the horizon, the darkness creeps and crawls its way upon the land; i have been waiting for years, haunted by memories, going round and round, in this vicious circle of life; as the music fades away, i look around
Posted on Wednesday July, 11th    (8) Comments    
Tree of Life A feeling of emptiness, amidst laugher and joy, it feels so hollow; deep down inside, as my mind drifts away to a world full of dreams and unimaginable possibilites; as i stare listlessly into this matrix, the beating of my heart reverberates through my soul, emotions trying to take control
Posted on Tuesday May, 22nd    (4) Comments    
The War Within I am supposed to be happy, on the brink of something new, exciting and life changing, a moment of unprecedented magnitude; but here i am sulking, sad, angry and confused, it’s as if happiness and sadness are waging a pitched battle in my mind; i sat watching, numb, cold and
Posted on Thursday May, 10th    (8) Comments    
You, Me and Us walking up and down the corridor, waiting for you, i begin to realize how much i love you! together in happiness and sorrow, through the rain and the sun, holding hands together, we walked the earth; my heart starts pounding everytime you come near, and as i look into those
Posted on Wednesday May, 2nd    (2) Comments    
Confused sitting in the room, thinking about everything so far, i am beginning to wonder if life is supposed to be like this; high on a pedestal one day, kissing the dirt the next, the balance keeps tilting from the good to the bad; nobody said life would be easy and
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