A reason to write!

words, full of meaning
words, that i mean each
and every one of them
stuggle to come out!

emotions, plenty of them
neatly bottled up inside;
words for each occasion;
words for each emotion!

struggling to come out,
causing a huge traffic jam
inside my mind
leaving my heart with no peace!

a stream of words
rushed out from my heart;
bottled up inside,
they queued up!

queued up inside my mind
causing more chaos and
adding to the bottleneck inside
i struggle to find a way!

i struggle to find a way
to let you know what my heart says;
i struggle to pen words
to my emotions!

struggling each and every minute
i try to find a reason behind all this
i strive to find an answer –
when i am struggling to express myself to you,
what’s the reason that forces me to write?


as my friend said, Words  are more powerful than a sword


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