My Last Breath

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sitting on the bed
a bottle of coke on one side
the telephone out of its hook
and the mobile switched off

tears slowly trickling down my face
my mind reenacts the scene
for the thousandth time
over and over again

now sitting here with tears streaming down my face
all that i lived for
all that i dreamt of
just crumbled in one second

the very second
you uttered those words
my heart stopped
my hopes came crashing down
all at once

finding no meaning in life
knowning no one else to help
the door that was open a bit
now slammed shut in my face

standing all alone in the darkness
i slowly made my way back to my den
one by one
the things that were so dear to me
fell by the wayside

with no strength to pick them up again
with no desire to stand up once again
sitting on the bed
that was once dry and tidy

i am frightened by what i see
but i do not have to fear anymore
i slowly close my eyes to disappear

don’t bother breaking down the door
i have already made my way out
holding my last breath
all my thoughts safely inside me
it all ends tonight!

when the rays of sun peek in
(through the window tomorrow morning)
i would just be a face in the crowd

note: inspired by a story i came across.  can be considered as the aftermath of any "failures" – personal/professional.  the feeling when something that you worked all your life for is "thrown" away in one second 🙂
just an imagination.. does not reflect any personal happenings 🙂 purely based on the story i came across.

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