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Everyday while traveling to and fro
I see so many faces,
At definite time, definite intervals,
Definite corners, definite places!!

So many faces I see-
That over –made up face,
that one, continuously tensed up
And that one, without a trace…

of anxiety or fear!!
That face always in a hurry,
And that cool and slow face
Without any worry!

That over-confident ‘egoistic’ face
And that face with a guilty look,
That bespectacled face whose life
Must be only in the pages of the book!

Innocent faces, quarreling and playing
With loads of books, water bags, tiffins and carrying,
Tensions only when
The exams are nearing…

That old face full of nostalgia
And those twinkling eyes full of dreams…
Stern faces, soft faces,
Faces full of powders and creams..

Each face has a different ‘outlook’
Each one has a different ‘aim’,
But despite the variation
Their destination is the same!!

Each must be having the same intentions
Of not getting lost in this crowd, this mess,
And of reaching such a level where it won’t remain
Just a Mere face!!!

~ Written & Contributed by Anangha ~

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