Everlasting Love

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As I sit here watching the words scroll by
reading the lines of Poets’
I think of how much you mean to me
And I must be sure you know it

Each day I love you more and more
My heart it over flows
And I have to wonder to myself
Do I always let it show

I know that I can be stubborn
The truth I don’t always see
It hides away in the dark
Waiting to be set free

Afraid to put my trust in you
Afraid that you will leave
That you will take my heart again
And throw it back at me

But as much as I fear the love
It grows inside me still
Filling me with thoughts of you
Its the pain I want to kill

My heart aches for you Sweetheart
Its so full its about to burst
In my life you will always be
The one that I put first

I’m sorry if I ever hurt you
My love does not always show
But I can make this promise to you
My love for you continues to grow

I swear to always be here for you
And I know you’ll be here for me too
I can’t wait for that special day
When we each say “I do”

We will live happily forever
In a home overflowing with love
And each night before I close my eyes
I will thank our God above

For giving me someone so special
A love that’s always true
If I ever lost you Sweetheart
I don’t know what I would do

You are the reason I’m happy
The reason that I live
And for your happiness Darling
My life I would gladly give

Please don’t forget that I love you
And that I need you so much in my life
And we will be together forever
As husband and as wife.

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