With One Hello

I can’t exactly remember how and when we first met…
We always have a pleasant conversation every time we chat on net.
Knowing me, knowing you is what we usually do.

Trying to enjoy  being together every minute or two.

Sometimes you make me feel so comfortable with you.
But knowing that you’re so much younger than me-
made me feel blushed that I listened to you.

Then, I recalled…

it all started with one Hi and one “HELLO.”

Now that I know who really you are-
The more things get so complicated.
Because of one HELLO, love begins.
I tried not to fall for you but …
The feeling is so strong and I can’t help it.

But… I can’t love you Babe,
The way that we should be.
And you know the reason why.
More so that I can’t hate you too-

Which reminds me of the song…
The trouble with “HELLO is GOODBYE”

All I can say now, it hurts me so much.
To walk away from you tonight.
Because if things won’t work out right…
I hate to say this but… it’s better to say “GOODBYE.”

I can’t promise to be happy or not to cry babe…
For there’s so much sadness and pain deep inside me.
And the hardest words to say when you truly love somebody-
Is not goodnight babe, but …”GOODBYE!”

Yes, because of one ‘HELLO’ love begin,
But the trouble with ‘HELLO’ is also….

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