Where beauty met the beast

on a lazy sunday evening
when even the devil had nothing to do
on a crowded place
i saw your face

as i stood there wondering if i knew you
you caught my eye
i turned away embarrased
not before
i saw your smile

i thought i had seen an angel
and i knew i will never be with you
i knew i will never see you again

an angel falling in love with a human
only happens in fairy tales
only in movies

for a brief moment
i stood there transfixed
a phone call
ruining the ecstasy

sitting inside an empty coffeeshop
playing with an empty coffeecup
you walk in
with a smile
straight towards my table

sitting in the empty coffeeshop
reading a book
my mind goes blank
seeing you once again

two strangers we were
like two ends of a candle
slowly burning away from both the sides
we sat there for hours
we sat there
till the two ends
melted into one
in the coffeeshop
where the beauty met the beast


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