Screaming out loud!

Look at me - Love


i dreamed i was in the park
sitting on the bench
watching the birds
and reading the book

sound of laughter
suddenly broke the silence
and filled the air
sitting up straight, i looked out

one look is all it took
one look that left me speechless,
brought me back to senses
and woke me up from this dream

i sat there
waiting for a miracle
to drag me out
from the darkness

i sat there
in the darkness
to save me from the old days
to find the real me amongst the chaos

never opened myself this way
all these words i don’t just say
how can you just look at me
and not hear what my heart is screaming out loud?

image courtesy: Flickr. i hold no copyright to it.
2 lines from “Nothing Else Matters” by “Metallica”.
there are multiple meanings to this.



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