Reason to live life

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Reason to Live

pacing up and down
over and over again
counting down the minutes
until your arrival

looking at the phone
for the hundredth time
my hands automatically
dial your number

disconnecting the line right away
unable to bear the silence
i switch the phone off
to stop me from calling you

barely a minute had passed
what if you had called?
what if you had messaged?
the phone is switched back on!

with the time slowly ticking by
i think about lifting you from the office chair
and like a superman
flying you to this place right away

patience, i tell myself
with my patience is at its breaking point
i catch a glimpse of your wavy black hair
sending my heart on a wild spin

what am i supposed to do
when you say those words?
how do i react?
how do you expect me to react?

standing here
watching you come closer,
one look into your eyes
i find the reason to live life again!


image courtesy: 123 greetings

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