I am a painter, and I like to paint pictures,
But my pictures are made from words rather than paint!
I brush and stroke the keys to lay the words down in front of me,
I keep on painting until I get a good end result!

My words capture a past time, or a moment,
My words draw a picture of my hopes and my fears!
Some words are from my wild imagination,
Others are snapshots of my life through the years!

I paint to get the thoughts out of my head,
When they are visible they are easier to understand!
My words paint for me a little picture,
Pictures of Love, passing strangers and friends!

I paint pictures of the world that surrounds me,
I paint pictures of the thoughts in my head,
I paint pictures of my hesitations, and the things that I dream of,
I paint pictures of things people have done and said!

My words, I lay them bare in front of you,
My pictures, might sometimes seem quite obscure,
But every artist is entitled to use self expression,
And my poems are an expression of ‘Myself’ for sure!

I like to express my lust, love, and longing,
I like to release the tensions that I sometimes feel,
I like to share my thoughts on all matters,
By sharing, it somehow helps make things seem more real!

I am a painter, and I like to pint pictures,
But my pictures are made from words, rather than paint!
I brush and stroke the keys to lay the words down in front of me,
I keep on painting until I get a good end result!

This picture is a self portrait of the artist,
The artist sits thinking as the world spins around!
His eyes are closed and he is sitting there comfortably,
His face is expressionless; there is no smile or no frown!

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