My Far Away Friend

Just want to say good morning
Hope your day is sunny and bright
And life is a special blessing
That with you through the night.

Each day is very special
Because of you my friend
That’s why this little message
To you I’d like to send.

Thank you for your kindness
The advise you always share
And thank you for your loving ways
That makes me know you care.

Please know the feeling’s mutual
I’m here for you each day
And know my thoughts are with you
Even though you’re far away.

We may not see each other
Distance separates us that’s true
But in my heart a special place
Remains open just for you.

4 Responses to “My Far Away Friend”
  1. Chloe (girl who misses her besties)
  2. cii gokil
  3. chris angelo
  4. Sharon (thousandmilesaway)