Love is a Strange Thing

Love is a Strange Thingsitting at home,
everything is fine,
as the days pass by
one by one,
some long, some slow;

I talk to myself quiet and low,
elegies of my heart and soul…
a shiver, a sigh, soft words whispered in the dark,
my senses are mixed already, unable to differentiate
between a sound or a smell or a touch or a taste;

I keep dreaming of a time,
my fingers intertwined
with you, an everlasting
joy of time, heart skipping
a beat here and there;

as I sit here
thinking sweet thoughts of you
lustful images make my heart
palpitate uncontrollably;

trembling uncontrollably
the heat continues to rise
as I close my eyes and see
you standing before me;

I open up my eyes to find
that you are nowhere around
I feel a wave of sadness
crash upon the shores of my heart;

As i lie here obsessed with the thought of you,
hoping it will all be over soon and,
waiting patiently for the day
when I can hold you in my arms
and never have to let you go again,
i realize love is a strange thing indeed;

some lines are taken from another poem that i came across elsewhere.

Love makes life so confusing, but without love would you really want to live? – Author Unknown


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3 comments On Love is a Strange Thing

  • so nice and so sad when read this poem,
    i can feel when someone who i love was not beside me anymore

  • Hw i wish der cud b a tym machine,

    To relive doz moments of d past!

    Doz golden moments, wen lyf seemed so beautiful

    Doz moments wich r nw forever lost!

    Hw i wish der cud b a tym machine,

    To rexperience d joy v got,wen special ppl v met

    Who suported us thru d ups n dwns of r lyf

    Remembering whom,r eyes nw bcm wet!

    Hw i wish der cud b a tym machine,

    To njoy doz days of childhood!

    Wen lyf was just a simple game widout doz tedious norms

    Wen on d gates of hapines ,v stood!

    Hw i wish der cud b a tym machine

    To fastforward lyfs tape n skip dat tym unbearable,

    Wich was accompanied by pain,deceit,sadnes

    Wen v faced situations wich wer unbelievable!

    Hw i wish der cud b a tym machine,

    For d tym dat escapes from r palms lyk sand;

    Makin us lose n gain so many vital things,

    Cud b in d control of r hand!


  • Beautiful…simply beautiful

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