Into a new world

March 18, 2008

on a cold winter morning
i saw you looking at me
a stranger to many
known to none
i stood there
i walked towards you
losing all concentration
with eyes focussed only on each other
we met
we talked
we changed
changed to us
completely unaware
i fell in love
i fell deep in love
thinking about you day and night
dreaming about it all
i lived the life you wanted
until one day
i woke up from this drunken slumber
only to realize my life is gone
my life is no more
i was a lost traveller
riding piggyback on someone else’s caravan
travelling the path you wanted
stopping at destinations unknown
fighting for causes not mine
i was being made into a (scape)goat
awaiting the right time for sacrifice
In one single moment your whole life can turn around
I stand there for a minute staring straight into the ground
Looking to the left slightly, then looking back down
World feels like it’s caved in – proper sorry frown
And i am just standing there, I can’t say a word
Cause everythings just gone
I’ve got nothing
Absolutely nothing
Gently pushing her back and i look straight at her
i turn around and take one step forward, one at a time
looking back for the last time,
i begin to walk away
into a new world
a world that is mine
a world that will be mine alone.
* some lines from the song "Dry your eyes" by "the streets (a) Mike Skinner"