As the cold winds blow from the north,
a shiver runs through my spine,
searching for a way to get out,
i stumble back and forth into life;

One moment i am marching towards the light at the end of the tunnel,
Another moment i am crawling my way through darkness,
eyes searching for something and with outstretched hands
hoping to grasp onto something and pull myself up;

A million thoughts, a million ideas,
alone and physically exhausted, i am just a robot
going through life’s motions for a mundane existence;

nowhere to go, i feel i am trapped,
i look around and i see no one,
friends and family, now all out of sight,
i am trapped within my mind;

as darkness close in,
happiness slowly starts to sneak out,
as i lay awake in my bed, unable to sleep,
i feel like i am slowing slipping into insanity;

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