I am what i am

March 18, 2008

a thousand masks
across the world
separated by time
separated by distance
live the same life
as you want them to
monday to sunday
morning to evening
day and night
its the same
same lies
same treachery
for the same love
that you care a dime
i am what i am
i dont want fame
i dont want pity
all i want is love
i am what i am
and nobody else
i am what i am
and not same as everyone else
i am what i am
and not one in a crowd
whereever i go
i know where i stand
i am what i am
i am what i am
i can’t be the one you want
i can’t be the one you dream of
i am not the "hunk"
i am not the "villian"
i am not the one with the "looks"
i am what i am
don’t try and change me
to be the man of your dreams
i am not the guy
with an identity each day
with a mask for each occasion
with a life for each person
i am what i am
just an ordinary guy
sitting next to you
with a single mask for all occasion
with a single identity every day
with a single life for all
i am what i am
the invisible ordinary guy
and the odd one
with an unique identity.

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  • megha suri July 23, 2010 at 1:41 am

    I have chosen the path
    But still the way is unknown….
    Was it truly the desire of my heart
    Still the answer is unknown….

    Destiny took me that way
    It was none my desire
    Various choices were made
    Various decisions were taken..
    Still somewhere there was a lost desire..
    It took me a lot to search
    But everytime I did the the two paths merged

    Between the miles to go ahead,
    A wrong decision was taken..
    Well I think it was the way my destiny was shapen…
    Everyday d search goes on..
    To find where it was lost,
    Everyday the lif goes on
    To tell wat I lost was a lot..

    Is there some way I can go back..
    Is there some way I will find the right path,
    To regain what d hear lost,
    To rejoice what d mind cherished..
    The steps seem to fade away
    In d wet mud n clay…
    Alas…!! No way left to go back…
    Once in a lifetime a
    wrong turn was taken..
    that’s where I was mistaken..
    and dats wat made all d difference…

  • shantini January 2, 2011 at 11:08 pm

    great…..i like it…

  • Rupesh Popli April 24, 2011 at 10:03 pm

    Hope I had more words to appreciate…but sometimes words are not enough…dude u are great….

  • le quader January 5, 2012 at 5:25 am