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Waiting for the night


Sun –
the ultimate torch
shining down on all
lighting up them all
everything is alive
everyone is buzzing/active
eyes all around
ears everywhere
i put on my mask
live a happy life
every day
blissfully unaware
life goes on
for all they see
is the happy mask
what we see is what we believe
we hear it everywhere
we read it in all
but the all seeing eyes
fails to pierce
this mask that the world sees in me
the world believes is the truth
thats why,
i wait for the dark night
when there is no light
when the eyes are shut
and the ears go deaf
i sit down in the corner
open my eyes
watch the stars twinkling and shining
and the eternal darkness all around
with only the eerie silence to keep me company
and in the glow of the moon
i begin my quest
in search of the special one
who will tear down the mask
that i wear
i wait patiently
alone in this theatre of life
for the days are long
and the nights are short
i am waiting for the night to fall
to begin my quest all over again
in the eternal search of the one
who will put an end
to this drama
i am waiting for the night
i am waiting for the life
to begin…

A reflection of the last 2 years of my life 🙂

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sindhu December 4, 2009 - 12:17 am

really good…


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