Forbidden Love!!

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Exceptional guilt!!
I see in your eyes
Your love
Lost inside of you
It hasn’t always been this way
There were brighter days
It’s so cold now.. so freezing cold..
can’t take it any more…
My soul is wrapped in chains
As fear grips me
I live in a dark land
among the lifeless
listening to the voices in my head
Hoping for salvation
from this sin called love
can’t take any more…
I am not usually this bold
But let it be known –
I would kill to make you mine.
But I give up… give up
For fear of holding you
a prisoner all my life
can’t take it any more…
There is a warm streak
That I see
Come to ease my soul again
To forbid the love
My savior; my solitude
for it to regain
And for bliss to remain!


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