just a hollow feeling
my mask on the seat next to mine
worn out, beaten and battered
it had come to an end;

just as smoothly as it started
the end was a quick one,
no nonsense, no stupid climax
the curtain came down in one swift motion;

standing tall amidst broken lives
no one cares if you stay back
to pick up the pieces
or make a run to the nearest exit;

full of anger and full of fear,
wanting to wreck the peace
my mind is seeking,
i gradually lost it all;

running away from death
and escaping from the mind games,
seeking refuge from the storm
i rushed headlong into life;

searching for a place to hide,
watching people trade money for love,
i began to fill the emptiness that surrounds me
with the pieces of my broken heart;

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Emptiness written by Praveen Kumar average rating 4.5/5 - 100 user ratings
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  2. marnetta
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