Don’t go away

Don't go away (in your arms)

coming home in the middle of the night
i find you sleeping like a kid
one look at you and i am purring like a kitten

i have had my share of pleasure
and i have tasted pain
never thought an angel would enter my life

with all the things running in my mind
i snuggle next to you
and drift slowly to sleep

sound of the mobile ringing
woke up me from this sleep
switching the mobile off
i put my hands to hold you

i put my hands to hold you
only to claw at the empty bed
finding you not next to me

i sit upright and make my way out
seeing you getting ready
to dive back into the world again

i ask you to call it a day
time, we havent spent much together
life has been pretty hectic in the last few days

lifting you up
i carry you back to the bed
and gently tuck you in

watching you trying to get out
i put my arms around you
and hold you close and tight

you are not just another love
you are everything to me
every time i am with you girl
the blue sky turns red with envy

please don’t go away
hold me all day long
i wanna love you all over
and over again
till the night closes in…

image courtesy: 123greetings

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