a brand new year,
a brand new start,
is what make things right,
i assumed;

plenty of scars – both physical and emotional
still attached to myself
and refused to leave me in solitude
as much as i tried;

foolishly i believed this existence is all but doomed,
i have been trying to change all that happened
mistakes i have made plenty
and i was trying to apologise for all that happened;

i was trying to seek forgiveness from everyone else,
for things that i did not even do,
i was being naive, i was being misled
into believing i am the problem;

as the new year dawned, a new thinking arose within me,
why should i change for others?
why should i be what others want me to be?
instead of seeking forgiveness from others, i decided to seek it within;

apologies for letting my dreams down,
apologies for letting myself down infront of the world,
apologies for not accepting what i am really
and finally, apologies for all the subtle messages that was sent from within;

a brand new confidence sprang forth within me,
a belief that i am the supreme being,
irrespective of what the world says,
i am what i am and try as much,
i cannot please everyone and i need not change for anyone;

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