Silence Screams

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watching the kids play
i stood there
on a slow afternoon
in a room full of emptiness;

the memories and dreams
broken and haunting me still
as i speak to the atmosphere
and i fall into myself;

beauty is the what the eyes behold
beneath this skin,
no one can see the darkness
or the fear;

as I rush home through the night
my mind fumbles around
for some kind of truth
to relieve me from this ordeal;

standing here
hidden from those prying eyes
I’m absorbed in thought,
pretending to be happy for one more day;

here i am
at the fork of my life’s road
silently screaming
angry and confused;

as the echos of silent lights swirling and twinkling
filled the eerie darkness of the night
the struggle within
gets harder everyday;

praying for a better day
to put this pain to a bitter rest
I look up to the sky
(and into my father’s eyes,
watching me and gently smiling,)
as i seek to achieve my freedom;

as rough as the road may be,
the reward I seek is greater than gold,
for what I seek is me,
what i seek is my life;

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