Life, Love

A brand new day

March 18, 2008

for a long time
from the day we met
i was in love
i was in seventh heaven
truly, madly, deeply
Days go by
still i think of you (still i was in seventh heaven)
we still share
we still are in love
or so i thought
Days go by
we drift apart
slowly like the whistle of a train
your name is just a whisper on my lips
but still takes an eternity to call
i wish you would just leave
cos his presence still lingers here
and it wont leave me alone
days when i thought i couldnt live with you
my sanity brought me back to reality
for the pain is just too real 
Closing my eyes for a final time,
i pray your dreams will leave me
and it ends tonight
for tomorrow is a Brand new day.

  • Based on real life events.
  • Lines inspired by "My Immortal, My Last Breath" by  ‘Evanescence’ and "Days go by" by ‘Dirty Vegas’.
  • Saki Akanishi March 4, 2009 at 3:05 pm

    The poem is so touching……….
    I feel like I was the person who’s having a brand new day without the person I love