Finding the life

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its the same thing everyday
be it day
be it night
i am under constant surveillance
from people known
to that stranger on the road ;

the world keeps an tab
on what is none of their business
yet, no one cares
right from the time of birth
even after you are long gone
there is a constant debate
constant argument
about all things mine
about all i want ;

there is a constant battle
between being sane and becoming insane
when all around me are familar faces
trying to coax me into boarding their bus
for the journey that goes nowhere ;

the dreams in which i am living
are the desires of someone else
yet i am asked to live the life i want
stuck in the middle of a busy highway;

i watch the people run around in circles
like a battery operated toy
with no expression
with no joy
living in denial throughout;

lacking the courage to live
the life trapped in their imagination
i find it hard to take;

people run around in circles
trying to build a life
that is already within them
if only they looked inside
if only they looked properly
if only….
note: again multiple meanings can be derived from this. yet at times, it will not make any sense.

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  • Amazing Poem… Very true that it seems to be sensless yet makes total sense… We never can live life TOTALLY on “our own terms & Conditions”… coz “our terms & conditions” always are manipulated by and for the people we love….

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