For whom the bell tolls

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some might call it stupidity
some might call it arrogance
while others might think i am being foolish
society is like a chameleon
they change colours as and when it suits them

to me, it was the only thing left to do
death was not an option to me
running away is what cowards do
i, wanted to live,
i, want to live

in a desperate attempt to fight these shadows
i stood my ground
me against the powers of darkness
me against the shadows

an uneven fight it was
not even a david vs goliath
armed with nothing
except my confidence and hope
and a great desire to live once again

i was out in the first round itself
my confidence and hope
was no match to the powers of darkness
was no match to the dark side

beaten and bruised
lying in a heap of mess
with the will to fight
confidence and hope still inside me
still alive, but powerless to change my fortune
cursing my luck
i hear the distant sound of a bell
i listen and wonder
for whom the bell tolls


note: this is a continuation of the previous poem
Title is inspired by the song “For whom the bell tolls” by “Metallica”

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