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its been a long and hard summer
weeks and weeks of toiling in the fields
and putting in-human hours of work
has resulted
only in more failures
and more sadness

summer is when the flowers bloom at pristine glory
the days are hot and the beaches are full, always
a time of “universal” happiness

my summer though has just been a dismal one
failure to safeguard myself
during the harsh winter
just meant more and more work in this summer

more time i spent on this field
more i miss the normal life
that you and everyone are enjoying
and the more determined i become
to enjoy the next summer

now the summer is closing soon
the end is very near
the good times
the fun
that i wanted to enjoy
is just a memory

with the cold, harsh winter
fast approaching
i pack my bags
barricade myself inside my home

closing my eyes for the final time (this summer?)
i slowly drift into a period of
i slowly close my eyes and fall asleep


note: while this does not have any central meaning to it. there are some meanings that could be derived from it.

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eriemorganmaples September 28, 2012 - 1:51 pm

lovethis one as well 🙂


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