And my question on life is why

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it seemed forever
every second felt like an hour
time seemed to slow down
when it was really unnecessary;

i guess i got lost
trying to be someone else,
somewhere along the way
i left myself behind;

everything i touched was golden,
everthing i loved got broken,
every mistake i’ve ever made
has been replayed over and over again
as i got lost along the way;

 some said i was a lost man
in my own fantasy world,
but then i would probably
be dead by now;

growing tired and weary,
i stepped out for
some fresh air;

standing still in emotions
that i cannot show,
i feel there is nothing else
left for me to do here;

everytime i try to dream,
memories still haunt me,
over and over again
replaying in my head;

as darkness comes
and my world fades to black
i reach for life (love)
but grab thorns instead
yet i laugh and walk away
like I always do;
 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
based on events from my life.

i am walking away from things that i believed to be mine and from people who i thought to be my friends. While i just laugh and walk away, like i always do, at times i try to find a reason but waste countless hours/days.
i came back to life for a reason, but going back without one.

The past is over and gone. The future is not guaranteed.

image taken from a photobucket album. all rights to the original uploader.

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6 comments On And my question on life is why

  • i just like poems
    its a great feeling to read such poems
    go on

  • aweasome writing .. really related to it ! poetry is amazing , being able to express and relate through words … even to use it for a tool to release or to cope . i just can say enough haahaa with out writing about it … but ultimatley aweasome writing !!

  • you are an amaaazing writer! Each n every poetry of yours touch the soul!
    keep up the good work! U r jusst amazing!

  • Boss! Who r u???? I m extremely touched by your writing. Whenever i read your poem i feel like its written only for me. I really appreciate u i know u r completely stranger foe me but yes i cant stop myself writing this comment. Last but not the least keep it up may God bless u my best wishes. Thanks.

  • This is so sad.. but so realistic.. i can relate this to my own experiences

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