Who am I today?

Who am I this evening?

Who am I today?

Who was I before this?

Where did my life stray?

This vision I am seeing

Certainly is not me

this cloudy broken image

is not who I want to be

I’ve lost sight of my morals

I’ve lost sight of my own heart

My center is broken

I have let myself fall apart

My actions are careless

My thoughts indeed coincide

this hideous broken image

I would really like to hide

Reevaluation is the key here

to determine where I must change

to clear up my own reflection

so that I don’t seem so strange

Others are not hurt by what they do not know

but I am hurting from what I do

the truth is visibly apparent in my reflection

the terrible memories of my committed taboo

There is no better time to fix me

to put together my broken parts

to refind and recenter my inner self

for I am the only doctor of my souls arts

So I must think who am I this evening?

Who was I today?

I will work to clean up

for tomorrow is already on its way….

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