Whisper of the Heart

August 26, 2008

emotions dripping down
one after another
slowly filling
the love filled heart

dreams close enough
to being a reality
dangle infront of me
waiting for the moment

to break out from the
self imposed restraint
that is killing me
day after day!

as the whisper of winds
gently caress the night sky
a familiar longing
rekindles the emotions

wandering through the
darkness of the night
the face that i long to hold
appears in every little thing i see;

if only the wind could carry
the unrevealed emotions
that my heart is crying out every night,
i would send it as my messenger right away!

as the night spreads its shadows across the land
i close my eyes, thinking of the moment
when you came in and stole my thoughts,
dreaming of the smile that melted my heart!

  • carmen May 19, 2009 at 3:35 pm

    i like it!