When darkness closed in

walking down the road
on a hot, sunny day
i find myself walking alone
on a normally busy highway

i look back
look right
look left
nothing at all

normally fierce wind
has died down to nothing
the sun is shining
yet it feels cold

all doors shut tight
all narrow lanes barricaded
cant go back the way i came
cant stay glued to the same spot

arming myself with a stick
i slowly take one step at a time
shaken by fear
i claw my way back to my room

time flew fast
thinking about this
when i realized the sun has gone down
and the darkness of the night is upon us

gathering courage
i slowly make my way back to this “lonely” road
making my way back to this road
i stop at the sight i was witnessing

the deserted road i had seen earlier
has now come alive
barricaded lanes
now teeming with life
doors shut tight
now witnessing a steady stream of people
in and out!

confused and bewildered
i stood there perplexed
when darkness closed in
and slowly engulfed me
my questions
found the answers i had been looking for!

note: has multiple meanings.

2 Responses to “When darkness closed in”
  1. eternal bless
  2. erie morgan