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Waiting on the highway


Unaware to the outside world
in the park bench right outside the highway
i lay motionless
shivering in the midnight cold
with nothing else to keep me company
and no one aware of my being
my mind wanders to the night before
in the middle of the night
walking across the road
i saw him
draped in a black attire
with a matching black umbrella
shielding him from the cold cold rain
he was waiting
waiting for me to come to him
with no one to call as my own
and no one to call as my friend
i was walking
away from life
and away from painfully slow lonely life
(into this land they call "purgatory")
in this park bench
where i am
waitin for this life to slowly seep away
so i can travel in my choice of cars
waiting on the highway…

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angldmnlvr February 25, 2008 - 1:46 am

As you lay there
Shivering on the park bench
I watch cloaked in darkest night
You aware of me
Wanting to take you
So desperate
So tired
So ready
Cold rain like steel
On your face
Take my hand
And take shelter under this umbrella
I will shield you
From cold
From rain
From everything
Into darkness I disappear, then
Feeling your longing
For company
From the night before
When you saw me
This night I come to you again
A passing driver sees you in distress
Feels your desperation in the pace of your
Nothing uttered you shut the door
And in this chariot we ride this
Endless highway lost
For evermore


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