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To me you are a candle, that will never go out,
Shining, flickering,
Lighting my heart and my mind.
When I look at you, your presence pierces my soul.

I am bound, by your loveliness.
I have been but a pebble,
But you make me feel like a rock.
I can only touch our memories,
When I want to touch you.

How you have me captured,
In your tightly wound silk web.
I give myself to you over and over in my dreams,
I am immersed,
Deep into the ocean of my thoughts of you.
Not being able to decipher, the difference,
Between fantasy and reality.

Oh, but I know,
You, are both my fantasy and my reality,
Always will you sit, on the mantelpiece of my heart.
I fight the demons inside me, So I can do what is right.

Forever, is my Feeling,
Always, is my Time,
Great, is my Lord,
Love, is my Goal.

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  • tiffy459 said: (Tuesday December 2nd, 2008)

    I love this! Hits close to home. Well written!

  • Lalu said: (Tuesday December 1st, 2009)

    Mr Praveen , this is is remarkeable a true devotion of love ….

    Enough said

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