The Moment

Angel - The Moment 

i remember how we used to be together
all the things we used to do we did together
week after week
it used to be the same, all the time

you and me, living life the way we wanted
never a minute, we stopped to care
what the world said about us
we lived life, just you and me

love binded us together
love we did each other
we shared it all
we shared everything

from the little secrets we hid from others
to indulging in fantasies that we desired
we were the envy of the land
we were different only by sex

when darkness closed in from all sides
we fought on
throwing everything that we found
to keep this love alive

in one single moment,
when i felt i had won
i watched the devil devour you
i watched you succumb to the darkness

crestfallen, broken hearted,
i packed my bags,
and made my way out
into the sunshine that now lights up my path


image courtesy: flickr. i hold no copyright to it.


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