The Irreplaceable Love of my Life

November 9, 2006

The first time I saw heaven
I saw it in your eye.
The first time I felt a touch
You were by my side.

Time dint whisper –She just flew by
She now knows I will have you always as mine.

You see….
The first time I saw heaven
It was from the corner of my eye
And you sat there staring from across by a mile.

In my every breath I taste you.
In my every smile you are alive
In my every walk you’re with me.
Holding me by your side

And as I know –Nothing is above you
Your now that twilight in my life
And Every time you are in my arms it is an irresistible strife

You are nothing more than every part of me,
Nothing less than mine
Because it is really true
You are the incredible
The irreplaceable love of my life.

~ Written and Contributed by Laisha Cooper ~

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