The Beast Within

March 18, 2008

sitting in the corner of the park
with the dark skies near the horizon
i was waiting for the torrential downpour
i waited patiently
for the dark clouds to open up
and drive away my other self
i am a sinner
i am a saint
i am the killer
i am the victim
i am good
i am bad
i am one
i am two
happy and cheerful
best performances day in and day out
i am the darling star everyone envied
sad and woeful
jealously and hatred
hidden from public view
fully aware to all
i am the devil
plotting yet another downfall
changing lives
changing fortunes
unwilling to accept
i live a king’s life
in the kingdom where light
is scared to come in
i am the alterego, everyone despises
i am the faces of many dreams
i am the perpetrator of many crimes
I am The Beast Within (all)
note: you might have to read it once or twice to get the proper meaning. some lines will not make any sense at first, read it again and it wll be clear 😉