The old order changeth, yielding place to the new,
But the new generation ?
They have lapsed into liquor, drugs & what have you.

These are trying times, for them, for us, for we all
What did we do to deserve this withal ?

old order changethA sinister world is sprouting & we are part of the doom,
Why, firstly, did we let this impending danger bloom ?

Why do you kill yourself slowly, that too, with drugs ?
Don’t you realize that you are amidst life taking thugs ?

Change your world, still there is time
The curtains have not fallen & that is prime.

Change the system, change your world & save crucial lives
Before all parts of your body are pricked by knives.

There are other ways to enjoy, if you have the eye,
I urge you all, you wouldn’t have to even try.

Look inside you & you will find
A world completely different from the grind.
You will see wonders that you haven’t seen before
Your inner eye will just cry Encore ! Encore !!!!!

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