From me to you

May 10, 2008

i searched everywhere
from the little shop in the corner of the street
to the big mall in the middle of the city
searching for what was in my mind

a special thing that would be the best choice
for this occasion
a little something that would say what i wanted to say

countless hours of search invain
i couldnt find it
maybe no one else understood it the same way
as i did
maybe they all felt it to be too hard
and too good to be true

i try to write it down
but words that once gushed down
now merely trickled down to nothing
how i wish i could pen down
what i wanted to say

i close my eyes and think about
the stuff that i thought about buying
comparing them to what you once said you wanted

then i realized
there is nothing that can compare
to your sweet smile,
to the love and caring nature
that you so easily emoted at all scenarios

the loving gestures
during the highs and lows
and the gentle words
with the power to calm a beast

i struggle to find the perfect thing
yet the ones i saw
couldnt match up with
all the things that make you “you”

after much struggle,
here it is
from me to you
“Happy Mothers Day”


note: to all the mom’s out there 🙂

  • eriemorganmaples October 14, 2012 at 12:13 pm

    this poem is so good and thnx for posting my new poem up here on this site, you are so nice about doing that thnx so much