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this is a continuation of the previous poem – shadow


i stood there
in total awe
frozen by shock
completely drenced in sweat

i couldnt believe
what i saw
my inner self
once completely pure

in the few years
i was on the sides
i sold my soul to the satan
i sold my soul to the power of darkness

now, at a time when i wish to live again
i am being put to test
by what was once mine
by own my self

i watched
unable to move an inch
of what has transpired right before my very eyes
still in shock

i try to call the powers to help me
i try to summon the gods in the heavens
frozen in shock
words failed to come out
words that i could so easily command
deserted me

left to fight this battle all alone
still frozen by shock
i watch the shadow rise high into the sky
crawling its way over my new found happiness
slowly engulfing it in darkness
slowly, once again…

to be continued…

note: this has couple of meanings.

title is inspired by the song “Crawling” by “Linkin Park”

You’re Never Alone



To be continued