Can you feel it?

Can you feel it?

i have been wondering
how in one single day
i started thinking
only about you

how do you describe a feeling?
words run away from me
things that i only dreamt of
only witnessed in movies

things when others used to say
i scoffed at them for being fools
but just like a hurricane
you came and swept me off my feet

it’s been a while
emotions long put away
in vaults of steel
now slowly forcing its way out

you got me hypnotised
you got my heart beating like a comet
faster and faster with each moment
i never felt this way

let me break the ice
allow me to hold you in my arms
walking the offbeat path
let us bask in love
and live life together

no more wondering why
no more living life in dreams
let me hold you close
girl, can you feel it?

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