Bringing a Sparkle

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times when i just can’t
say what i want to shout
i am afraid when it comes out
it will all be wrong;

as the drama unfolds
putting me dead in the center
of an unexpected storm
i keep moving in circles;

try as much as possible
i am stuck inside this cell
even with the keys in my hand
i am unable to open the lock;

as the walls close in on me
i feel suffocated and fear
i would just be another victim
of her morbid games;

as the world closed in on me,
fear no longer an excuse
i took a deep breath
and out came what i suppressed inside;

as i lay there exhausted and confused
you lift me higher, take my spirit and make it fly,
to the moon up in the sky,
bringing a sparkle to my dreams

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  • raji krishnan said: (Monday October 13th, 2008)

    sparkling one!! :)

  • jasmine said: (Thursday November 13th, 2008)

    This is a very awesome poem that they wrote you must be amazing…..

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